Privacy Policy

Last updated April 6, 2021

Accountability: The General Manager/Owners of Fletchers Fabricare are the Privacy Officers for Fletchers Fabricare. They are responsible for ensuring that the principles of the policy are understood and adhered to.

Purpose of Data Collection: Fletchers Fabricare collects from our customers only that information required for the provision of dry cleaning and laundry services. This data includes the customer’s name, address, phone number(s), and their preferences for how their orders are to be processed (ie. shirts on hangers, folded etc.). In the case of account customers, a credit card number is kept on file.

Consent: All information is gathered from the customer directly and voluntarily. The information is used solely and exclusively for the provision of dry cleaning and laundry services.

Limiting Collection: We collect no information beyond what is described under the section “Purpose of Data Collection” above.

Use, Disclosure, Retention: The information collected is used solely to provide service. We do not share the information with any individual, company or institution. If a customer notifies us that they no longer wish to use our services, their name and information are removed from our customer files. If a customer has been inactive for a period of time more than two (2) years, they are purged from our system.

Accuracy: We attempt to maintain accurate and up to date information in our customer database at all times.

Safeguards: Customer information is stored in our computer system. The system is password protected, and only our customer service representatives and management staff have access. Staff members have different levels of access depending on their role. Computer firewalls protect against outside access to information.

Openness: All customer service staff are aware of and respect the confidentiality of customer information.

Individual Access: Any customer can update his/her information at any time via phone, email, online or in person.